What's In Our Food?


Book ONE: Food



I've been wild about nature since I can remember. Working with GreenPeace after the Exxon Valdez spill was my first job with an environmental mission. Since and far before then, I've always strived to do what  I can to protect and learn from nature. My background includes a degree in ecology from College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine, living in Alaska, and teaching elementary school in Chicago as well as  New Zealand. 


The vision for this book arrived nearly 30 years ago after  my parents fought and lost to cancer. I was intent to learn as much I could about disease--why and how disease happens, and what if anything we can do to prevent it or heal from it. Cause and effect.


What I found time and time again is that most diseases can be traced back to causes, in particular human-made problems in the environment--particularly in our food and water. Based on this idea, the Green Handbook was created to help You keep everyone you love healthy and protected, safe and sound.

I hope you find this book helpful.



Want Answers? Get this book!
Full of facts and info,
designed to help you understand why some foods truly are more healthy for you than others. 
Understand how various farming methods affect food and your health!
you'll finally see how big Agri is linked with big pharma and big disease. Free yourself from the treadmill of suffering. Embrace Health Now!
Get the low down on Farming, food production, food packaging, plastic, additives, endocrine disruptors, fertilizer, carcinogens, gmos.
Learn how to protect your family and yourself. Learn the simple secret to good health and well being; It's right under our feet.
Book ONE



Food, Water, Plastic, Palm Oil, Climate Crisis, Pollinators! Are you confused with all the environmental issues today? It’s hard to keep up! What issue is impacting you the most? How are these affecting your children? What role do they play in your health? What can you do? Where do you begin? If you feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone! 


Consider this your personal field guide to help you navigate through these times. Be prepared and informed, arm yourself with knowledge and facts. Start connecting the dots and see how deeply these issues intersect with your life, your family, your home.  
This book begins with the food supply—what’s in our food, what's in the water? How does food affect our health? What does farming have to do with it? How is this all related to the planet's health? This book will explain and show you what to do starting now to help protect all those you love. 


Book TWO
coming out this winter


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