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Well Workshop is the must-have environment and wellness foundation course for 2021. You'll quickly learn the essentials to be in your best health today.


In this 6 week journey we'll be diving into the 4 core areas that affect us:  Water, Air, Food, Environment. We'll focus on identifying and removing toxins found in these core areas. You'll Learn how they damage your body and mind, as well as how to reduce your exposure! This is key.

Ok, you may never feel as good as you did when you were 20, but we'll get you as close as possible!!


You'll see how to easily nourish yourself, and nutrition's link to health. You'll learn how to purify your water! This is priceless information! Nontoxic water is vital for drinking as well as cooking!  (Note: Most of us use filters that do not remove all the toxins. ) In one of our sessions, we'll be installing a very simple water filtration system in our kitchens, You'll love it and you'll save thousands of dollars for years to come!


In these fun lessons we'll be detoxing your home and creating your healing zone. Our team will provide guidance and checklists for improving your indoor environment. We're aiming to elevate your health inside and out. This is profound training.


Warning, You're likely to feel good and experience a more resilient immune system. You may breathe, move and sleep better too; helpful factors during the Covid pandemic. 


If you're in pain or worried about your health in any way, don't delay! Begin the Well Workshop basecamp lessons ASAP so you can thrive as nature intended.

Well Workshop

Feel good again. Watch your pains go away! Learn the basics and transform your health prosperity.

Join us in our basecamp and prepare for good health ahead! Whether you're trying to heal from a chronic condition, or someone in your circle is not doing well, or you're just worried about health in general, especially since the pandemic has shifted our world, this workshop is for you! We'll give you the methods and info you need so you have more control of your future.


We'll be diving into 4 primary areas that affect your body, mind and spirit: Water, Air, Food, Environment. Our main focus is set on eliminating toxins found around us in all 4 areas: water, air, food and environment.

These substances silently tinker with our bodies and minds, setting us up for dis-ease. 

This information will change your life.

You'll learn what to replace and how. You'll be creating durable wellness within you and in every area of your home.

We'll be utilizing many resources throughout the course. Each week will be a different topic that'll we'll explore together. Some classes will be in the kitchen and others at a table or in the laundry room. One day we'll  spend cleaning and getting to know your indoor space. Other times we'll be meditating and soaking our feet in

healing waters.

Retreat, Water, Mineral, and Nature therapy

currents bring the workshop together.

This is going to be unique and a fun experience, full of useful information that you don't want to miss! Get it now,

while you can!


The Well Workshop meets online for one hour on Saturdays for 6 weeks. We'll typically have two extra sessions during the week as well, reflecting on that theme. If you miss a session, don't worry. All sessions will be recorded and available at your convenience, forever.

Workshop price includes instruction and basic materials (materials alone are worth over $300 including water filtering gravity system). These gifts will be sent to You

at your home or office.

If you want to be in the course, but have an effective water filter system at home and you don't want to change it, you can select Option 2. This is a reduced price allowing you to purchase your own water filter, or skip this part of the course. We only ask that you provide the information for your current home filtering system, so we can verify its effectiveness together.

Are You Ready to Get Real about Your Health? About Your Environment?

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Why Water and Water Filters?
Water is vital for our health and a central focus of the Well Workshop.

Water Filters

If You buy your own water filter, please get the best and most effective to keep your health safe. We highly recommend Berkey filters. In our opinion their system

excels beyond any other available.


Common contaminants found in water supplies throughout the United States and around the world include: atrazine, nitrate, heavy metals, lead, arsenic, chromium 6, pesticides, glyphosate, roundup, rocket fuel. There are many more and

most filters are incapable of removing them.

These substances cause and contribute to a wide array of not-nice diseases. We'll get into this in the workshop, but know that it's vital for your health to remove these substances from your water--water you drink and cook with!

About Berkey

This awesome water purification system (as seen below) is Included in the Workshop!! We're going to put it together, together virtually, step by step. Get ready to save thousands of dollars on water, reduce your use of plastic, reduce your exposure to toxins while your medical expenses lessen.

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Our 1st session has Sold Out! Thank you for embarking on this adventure with us!

Next Session starts Mid February, Date TBD!


Option 1

Workshop includes Premium water purification system and other materials.

For a limited time only pay $795!



Option 2

If you want everything but the water filter

because you already have good water at home to cook with and drink,

Pay $525

Payment Plans

We also offer payment plans.

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Private Coaching

If you prefer to learn independently, we offer private coaching one on one as well.

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100% money back guarantee

We're so confident you'll be happy with what you've learned that we're offering a 100% money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied. We ask that you please let us know within 30 days of completing the course. A votre sante!


For inquiries, please contact Joanna Kappele

The Adore Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 organization

dedicated to environmental health education for kids and adults.



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